Monday, August 5, 2013

[First Draft]


Photo by 3GATTI

See the sound move. Listen through your eyes. This bar takes you to a warped world of black and white. Feel the music hit you in this caved space with alive walls and ceilings. Designed by an Italian architect Francesco Gatti, this project gives liberty to digital design in this world of busy reality.

Spot the drinks bar right at the heart of this breathing ground and sip through your plum wine while under the spell of funky live music. When the sun is up, see its light jazzing through. Come nightfall, the yellow-lit space turns into a sweet captive of your dreamy love affair.

Zebra-inspired, as the name suggests, this place offers you an unspoken revolution for your vision, where your love for music becomes re-imagined in a hypnotizing band of black-white walls and white-red wines.


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