Friday, July 8, 2011


[Part I]
My precious, last night—
I remember saying ‘I love you’ when my soul drifted faraway—
Oh, your words resonate when I’m in deep slumber
You chanted the love I’m chasing in my dreams
Into the nightly steam of the clouds, apart we spirited
Ay me! This delusion,
I need to discern,
the truth that it’s you—
It’s you, I extremely desire
Awaken, I waited for this constant hour;
in neon lights at eight o’clock,
the morning shines brighter—
--my [Cinderella] hour
the hour when my eyes seek your presence
Though I know I’m not your prince, nor your other man;
Nor I’m dressed in white finery

If only you would care to glance upon my sight,
but, if you do not; Beloved,
you need not to worry
for my eyes are made to behold you

If only  my sight can capture you,
I am no longer alone.

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