Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Blooey Singson is the author of Bookmarked!, a blog that accounts her reading adventures and where her book fascination has taken her so far.

I like checking out fashion and news blogs, too. However, this was the first blog that I have ever ‘bookmarked’, a book blog.

With lots of books that she’s reading, I’m sure as hell that content-wise she will really make it on top. Indeed, you can’t write if you don’t read. And the author has what it takes to gear book readers and blog followers into a new level of passion for reading.

[25 August] Below is the viewing statistics of the site: 

What made this on my list of favorite blogs is the satisfaction I get from its content.  I love reading books but it’s seemingly incomparable with the passion for books that Blooey has. It is too much heightened that her blog readers [just like me] would feel inspired whenever they browse through her blog. She is sharing all the adventures her book mania is taking her through. It’s not all about book reviews that one would normally see in a book blog. She included even the interview opportunities she had with some book authors. She’s sharing the good reads and where you can buy them best. The biggest book sales, you would know them if you’re updated with her blog posts. 

Wanna know about the events where you can have your books signed? Or you wanna be updated about the books that turned movies or even books that turned plays? How about advices for Pottermore entry? Visit her site and you will feel at home with all the exciting information you will be fed on, locally and internationally. She simply shares anything-book-related that she knows about.

The blog content is relevant that every reader will be cultivated with much of information and encouragement to read constantly. This is a good site for the Filipino youth. Instead of spending my money buying unproductive stuff, her passion for books as suggested in the blog stirs me to save money for a better cause, reading and learning.

The design and layout are both simplified. There’s a good space for the main blog posts and the advertisements. The ads don’t look cramped on the side. Integrating multimedia is an added value. It spices it up that the pictures featured in the site were originally taken. In terms of discoverability, community and social media, the blog ranking would not be interpreted as such if not with the site’s credibility and audience traffic. Being the 3rd top book blog says a lot about the site.

She is also active on Flips Flipping Pages, Filipino Book Bloggers BookMooch, and BookMoochers Pilipinas. Her membership in these communities supplements the site’s discoverability. Like in her blog, at the sidebar you’ll find the Regular Reads, Filipino Book blogs, and Book blogs across the seas sections. This shows that she supports other book bloggers like her as much as she would also receive support from them. By her blog being featured and mentioned in other blogs, she’s gaining traffic and market at the same time.

Truly, her blog’s success is what a newbie like me would aspire for.

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