Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who says UP students are the- boring-book-bound geeks?  With no uniform flavor, we show up in our classes wearing our own styles.  

Within the isko  boundaries, no one would dare to take account of  your taste. You can come in cultured by your own art recipe.

Here are some of the fashion dishes of UP Diliman students served just the way you want it.  You’re most welcome to appreciate their recipes, but dare not to nit-pick their styles. Just create your own fashion dish and you can share your recipe with us.

Serving our first Fashion Dish from the College of Arts and Letters , take a peek of my free nibbles with this Candy Correspondent from the Department of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts:


DAY-to-DAY STYLE: Sophisticute, laidback, school-appropriate

CHAT BITES with Clei:

  •        What do you usually wear during school days? 
            Jeans/Leggings, dainty top (usually loose), sandals, cardigan (I just bring it)
  •        Do you wear any specific outfit during rainy/sunny days?

I always try to incorporate my outfit with the weather. I don’t really have any specific items for rainy/sunny days because the weather is very unpredictable [bipolar], so what I try to do is wear flexible outfits that can be fit for both rainy/sunny days (e.g., jeans, sandals/slippers)

  •     What kind of articles do you typically wear?

Earrings (permanent), solid-colored bracelets depending on my outfit, belt (which I think I can hype up with any outfit), vintage necklace or rings, colorful head pieces/hair accessories (ribbons)

  •    Are you brand-specific?
NO. I’m not brand conscious. I can wear anything as long as I like it and it feels comfortable. What I usually wear are basic pieces readily available in my closet, but I try to find ways to hype it up and make it my own style.

Clei’s recipe for her fashion dish includes simple garments that make up a sophisticute get-up as she calls it. Her style certainly comes into fashion and her way of hyping things up won’t definitely cramp her trend.

“My boundless enthusiasm for life will freak you out and I will take a turn somewhere down the road and color the planet with quirkiness and mayhem. I’m forever in love with positivity, writing, stars, books, dancing and everything weird science. I’ll be traveling outer space years from now.” – Clei Salvador

Stirred by this sassy girl?  You, too, should sashay your style. Strut around the university with your own proud definition of Fashion.


|Follow Clei:  @iamsuperclei , http://thecleicrusade.tumblr.com|

|Kathryn Narciso|

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