Tuesday, February 7, 2012

ISBN 971-828-035-9
Original Price National Book Store:  P350.00
Author: Marivi Soliven Blanco


Photo Courtesy: Arkipelago 

“I do not have to marry in order to live.”Baule tribe proverb, Ivory Coast (FLY SOLO essay)

When I bought my copy of this book, I was thinking of my sister. She likes reading books of our prized local authors. Also, she wants nothing but a light read. Thus, the title captured my honey money. For P40.00, it’s rash not to buy this one.

You can’t drop the buoyancy charged in the title. Singletons should be reminded that there can be heaven without a man beside you. It’s not a starless night after all. Sexy, Sassy, Singularly Happy  is what a single lady should wear all the time. Then, you’ll start seeing the twinkling stars of the black night. And you will realize that it’s not dark after all.

This book is the ultimate guide on how to live a happy and sizzling singlehood. From keeping yourself sexy and trendy to being smart and savvy on bed, this tells you how to take care of yourself, singularly.

Do you want to know about your retrosexual, himbo, toxic bachelor? These are few words a singleton may want to add on her vocabulary. Call me a quirkyalone.—n. a person who enjoys being single and so prefers to wait for the right person to come along rather than dating indiscriminately. Isn’t this a mint swingle name perfectly right for me? (>_o)

Learn the recipes for the swingle show-offs to impress your friends or your date. Beware of the dump-able dates lurking around. And dare to apply this simple equation: 
-S + D = SD
Figure it out yourself to know how this formula could set up a second date for you.

After I finished this book, I felt reassured and empowered. I read it with a status: In a relationship, because the self-respect this book values is not only for single women in the world. It’s for all women, single or not. It’s focusing on how we must take pride of our womanhood, with or without a man. It's about how we can live a fruitful life never alone and never lonely. The best of our companions may not be the Romeo of our lives. Just look around and see how adored and respected you are as a woman. Not as a girlfriend. Not as a wife.

This last line I favored the most says, “When you are single, everyday can be a new adventure… and it doesn’t always involve a Prince.”

I was in a relationship when I read the book. Now, I’m writing this review as a singleton. That’s how my King works His loving irony. And no difference does it make for I am still in pursuit of my happiness every SINGLE DAY. I esteemed myself to be the princess of my King for He is loving me unconditionally. My Royal God is with me. Carpe diem! J

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