Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ISBN 971-828-037-5
Original Price
Powerbooks:  P350.00
Author: Theresa “Jew” R. Lariosa

Bulalo Soup for the Sole

 Don’t mistake the hollow feeling for pain and missing. Don’t mistake it for needing. Because before he even came into your life, you already knew what it meant to be living.
The title won my P45.00. It reminded me of Chicken Soup for the Soul, only you know what the difference is. You may want to take a close look at the picture beside the title on the cover. I grasped the excitement as the subtitle unveiled a Single Woman. Can you connect the dots, now?

Imagine several bakyas dipped in your bowl of bulalo soup. Jew mirrored life as your bowl of bulalo soup and the bakyas as your experiences. Your bakyas may have treaded murky paths or deluxe red carpets, adding a bittersweet tang in your soup. However, these bakyas are the missing ingredients your soup needs. You can only know how and where to get those ingredients. No one will cook it for you. The recipe is still a mystery to behold. Yet, He will take you to different places where you can step your bakyas on, finding the ingredients for your bulalo soup.

In this book, Jew made me taste her soup as she took me through the pages of her life as a single woman. She starts from random details of her day. She grows these into a strong piece by relating her notable stories as a singleton which anyone can relate upon. Sure! Men can relate, too. Let’s not forget that our dear men add weight to the reason why singletons exist. Alright, that’s a joke. Take it this way, men and women co-exist. Like parallel lines do, they always meet at a certain point.

Subtitle says, “Essays for Savoring Life as a Single Woman.” If I can cut it this way, “Essays for Savoring Life”, to get to my point, it would defeat its main purpose. But, now you know. The considerations are boundless.

Take a taste of her soup that is yet to be cooked [only He knows when]. And never be afraid to toss your bakyas straight into your own bowl of bulalo soup. Delicioso!

Milflores is ♥ for bending the prices of these books they called rejects. I can't spot any flaw, though. For as low as P45.00, I got this perfect gift (a warranted label for sweet cheap delights). Nicely reduced to my pocket size!

© 2011 Kathryn Narciso 

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