Saturday, October 1, 2011


 |Part II|

Wearing dark blue medium-sized shirt, a pair of jeans, cream canvas bag (not advisable) and TOMS for my feet (oh no, not this again), I dreaded my being not prepared. I felt sorry for myself all the more at the recall of what my professor advised us of.

If you plan to join a rally, better come prepared!

Wear working/comfortable clothes. Don’t attempt to wear something you don’t want to get worn-out—at all. Bring small plastic sack/Ziploc bag for your gadgets or just don’t bring one with you. Wear slippers/shoes you can run with and you can get over with, if lost. Other than that, prepare your body for the heat of the sun, the wet rage of the clouds [or the tanks], and the not-so-nice yank/smash/whack of you know who.

As we braved our way to Sitio San Roque, near Trinoma Mall, under the heat of the sun followed by the heavy rains, I appreciated them all the more.  I was walking with them, ironically feeling safe for I know that I was surrounded by fearless individuals. No moody weather, no firearms, no tanks can scare them away and stop them from living which they call fighting for the greater good of all deprived Filipinos.

It was not easy for a first timer but their vehemence made me thriving. Who would not be stirred if you are walking with people who fear no death?

 We fought together with the residents of San Roque against the demolition that was about to materialize. We won that day. Thank God for the rain which saved the community from a terrible finish.

Then, we, together with the residents, shared a feast. It was such a heartfelt moment for me as I was witnessing such solidarity among strangers bonded by race alone— Filipino.

Tristan said, “Simple lang naman ang kailangan ng tao para mabuhay, pagkain.” This day made me realize the one I was running away from—my fellow Filipinos. 

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