Monday, December 12, 2011


I always tell myself that I know how to budget my money. And my mother never fails to tell me that I don’t. Oh, my sister won’t be ever convinced. After getting easy money from my part-time jobs as an English tutor for two businesses, a personal tutor for a 9 year-old kid, and a freelance writer, I only get my hands on my pay for the shortest time.

 Money slips off my hand in one sweep round in Booksale. Or it could be the delectable foodstuff around. Maybe, it’s the beauty merchandises. The deals from local group buying websites won’t wait for me. How will I be able to quash the urge? Alright! I blame myself for that.

Just this weekend, I bought a 400 worth of feminine wash (a loud indignant WHAT?! coming—is that my mom?), 2 vouchers for a body massage, 1 voucher for a pair of shoes, a bag of books, and a little more books. Now, I reserved a dozen of perfumes. Not for me, though. It’s Christmas time, isn’t it? AND! I just reserved a slot for a 5 day pass at Movement Dance studio. Don’t get me wrong, I have been waiting for an offer like this to mollify my deep longing for dancing. It has been awhile when I last danced. 2 months ago, that’s it. And this deal offers me 5 days of unlimited dancing of pole, belly, ballet, Vegas strip, hip-hop, and all that JAZZ!

Suddenly, I realized that I need to do something about this CBD (Compulsive Buying Disorder). So, I read some financial advices from Reader’s Digest. Two rules I learned from two different articles about money:


It is intended to go against CBD by giving yourself time to think and rethink your urges. Basically, it’s about postponing your purchases. I can try the 48-hour rule. I just hope that I won’t end up buying another product within the 2-day time frame which will make it as good as ineffective. Furthermore, I don’t think that the new arrivals in Booksale and the short-time best deals from various group buying websites would hold their fire.

My bet is a buy-nothing campaign for a month. This would exclude my budget for fixed expenses such as food and transport. I am just not sure on how long I can keep up with this. My campaign’s ultimatum:  SHOPPING BAN.

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