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|Part III|

The question on top of my mind which rolled the ball during the interview was the one I heard from my professor when she was trying to challenge us in class. Why do the UP students of our generation seem apathetic, which I could have probably mistaken as a question, if not a statement.  She encouraged us to voice out our retorts to the ongoing concerns inside and outside UP through writing or in any way we can. She was telling us that as UP students, Iskolar ng Bayan, we are endowed to initiate change.

Not all professors think like her. Take the word of Roma Jean Araullo who wrote Raise your hand [Philippine Collegian].  Her professor was given highlight in her article when he said, “Wala namang budget cut sa UP.” That professor shares the same thinking with my professor in one of my subjects, not to mean any generalization. The truth is everywhere, yet they still deny it for lack of concern. Mine always reacts negatively upon hearing anything about the activists. We have the highest respect for our noble teachers, but at times, it’s upsetting that these UP educators don’t realize the percentage of poor students who are being affected by the issue of Budget Cut.

This is just one of the too many issues we have to surmount in no time. And I was lost for reason upon knowing the things shared by Tristan (Anakbayan-UPD) during the interview:

On Demolition:  Administered by the Ayala Group of Companies, commercialization will start from San Roque (near Trinoma mall) to Bulacan. Thus, demolition is due for implementation as given truth by the recent happening at Balara. This will affect UP Diliman as he verified. Though difficult, the residents of these places would be willing to leave the place as long as there will be a decent relocation site, not the one being offered to them at Montalban, Rizal. There’s no source of livelihood around the area. All the more, there’s only one doctor who can accommodate the medical needs of the whole community.

On Tuition Fee Increase (TOFI): The question raised by my professor: Bakit yung sa PUP napigilan nila yung pagtaas ng tuition, bakit sa UP hindi?

Answer:  Going back to our history, the time when the Board of Regents (BOR) was deciding upon this matter of increasing the tuition fee rates, student-faculty regents and a lot of students united on their campaign against this.  On December 15,2006, the day when this issue will be provided absolute decision about in front of the opposing cluster (students and faculty), they  misled and did not inform the students and faculty that the procedure will be done at the College of Law. More than 2000 students pepared for that day. It was Enrile who finally informed that they changed places, indeed. Everyone rushed there only to find out that it has already been passed for implementation. The Board of Regents deceived and decided on their own without taking the appeal of the students and faculty into consideration. Within fifteen minutes, UP system has been altered. “Ginago tayo,” said Tristan. And I’m sure that Salvador Ponce Lopez (former UP President and the man behind the creation of the UP system) frowned upon this amendment. When this was implemented, the demography of UP students has changed drastically.

On Oil Price Hike:  The continuous increase of oil prices is said to be a clear manifestation of Imperialism. Below is the latest information I got from the last educational discussion I attended with them.

From January to June this year, this is how the oil price has greatly increased:

Unleaded Gasoline: P7.65/liter
Price of diesel/liter at the start of the new administration with Noynoy: P34.25
Price now (at the time of discussion): P45.10

Abovementioned are the three pressing issues we were able to put in our bowl of discussion. Under Pascual’s administration, we are all hoping to see a new light, a brighter one to guide the system to the right path. The challenge now rests upon us, the students.
Isko, which worth are you serving? The lesser budget or the lesser tuition?

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