Friday, July 15, 2011


“Ito na yung parang last chance namin kasi gra-graduate na yung mga key players namin. Dapat mapanalo na namin ‘to. Tatalunin namin yung Ateneo,said Roider with hopeful boldness in his voice during an exclusive phone interview.

Roider Ross Cabrera joined the Soaring Falcons Men’s Basketball team during the 72nd season of UAAP. Standing 6’4”, this “Power Forward” has proven his might in the heat of a game.
[Facebook, Roider Cabrera]
 A celebrated streak-shooter

In the 2010 FilOil Tournament, he dragged the Falcons to victory by scoring all of his points in the fourth period. It was that time when his name has been interchangeable to “three-pointer’. He had it going until his fifth in the game.

In a web article, Coach Leo Austria has spoken about Cabrera’s play:

 “We switched to a motion offense, which was specifically for him, so every time he was open—he took the shot, and Cabrera is someone who would always have that confidence to take those kinds of shot,” said coach Leo Austria after the game [2010 FilOil Tournament].

Taking it outside UAAP, Adamson has established their stance over Ateneo.

Versus Ateneo [UAAP Season 74 Opener]

Five hours before their match with the Blue eagles:

How long did your team prepare for this?
“After nung last game namin, nag-start na kami.”

 Among the players in your team, who do you think would bring victory to Adamson? Just give me 5.
             “Si Alvarez, Nuyles, Camson, Manyara, Colina,” he answered.

I have browsed some articles and I even asked a friend, a UAAP buff, about the performance of the players of Adamson. You were noted as someone who is a ‘streak shooter’. Won’t you consider yourself among the 5 key players?       
            “Pang-sixth na lang ako,” he playfully said, then he burst out a laugh.

What was Coach Austria’s piece of advice for the team?
            “Hmmm.. advice? Basta mananalo kami mamaya,”
then, he laughed in a cheerful tone.

During their first game with Ateneo, Cabrera backed up the team with a total of 6 points out of the 51-point basket played by Adamson. Both were 3-point baskets. 

And this is what people are eyeing for, his being of a 3-point ball slinger.

Furthermore, this 6-point support was just a taste of what we will be anticipating from him for the following games of this tough and exciting season.

“Tatalunin namin yung Ateneo”

Roider’s hopeful prophecy did not materialize on their first game with Ateneo. However, with the Eagles’ hard-earned victory at 55-51, isn’t it too soon to give an end to Roider’s prophecy? Having a double round robin scheme, Falcons will meet the Eagles again soon.

Uninterruptedly, it could be the 30th win of Ateneo over Adamson. Or the sweet fulfillment of Roider’s prophecy.

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