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To be honest, it was only by the end of the last quarter of 2011 when the idea of detoxification approached me for the first time. It was through the blog of Bianca Gonzalez and her post about the juju cleanse.  Including 6 bottles of green goodness, this Level 1 (one day) package met me in the eyes but I never entertained it. Even though it is ‘reasonably priced’ as Bianca put it, I did not dare checking the website to know how reasonable it would be for me. I kept this detox idea to the safe corners of my memory for the months that followed. These were months of red labeled food—the grilled, the street and the junk. I’m not forgetting the alcohol. To darken the red all the more, I’m a no fan of veggies. Tell me now who needs some cleansing.

Level One
From Juju Cleanse

Months went by until last night, March 20, I revisited and roused my long forgotten acquaintance. Then and there I checked the website and found out about the price for the one-day package. It’s 2500php. It could be worth the good reasons. However, I need to set a handful of my pocket to one side to avail it for I won’t be buying one package alone. It has to be two at the least because I may need a companion when doing this juice fasting. I did my own research and I found out that doing this would be easier when told to family or friends. Support will stretch my good short patience a bit longer. I hope so. Spending my day eating full meals with snacks in between, I’m not expecting this to go easy. Not at all. Let’s see if I can get this done in a month or two, slashing other expenses first. No malling. No online shopping. No drinking. No hanging out with friends. No extra expenses. Holy cow, just spare my booksale-ing. 

Hence, having my pocket not ready for this juju cleanse, I was introduced to a less expensive cleansing. Point of fact, there’s no expense at all. No need to order all the detox stuff from stores to clear the toxins off my body. Our basic need, WATER , is the solution. And so I started. My clock for this 24-hour water fasting began ticking last 12 midnight. It’s past 1 in the afternoon now of the 21st. I’m trying to keep my mind busy writing. No food thoughts for a while except now that I’m writing about it. The difficulty is eating me slowly. I’m on my third glass now. 7 to 10 glasses, 8 oz. each for the whole fasting duration. Sleeping would be a fine idea in a while.

It wouldn't be the same face in a few hours. I just know.

I’ve read several online articles about this and I’m doing this the hard way. Partial fasting can be done first to condition your body before submitting to the 24-hour water only routine. It would be easier that way.

Give your body a break. Try this at your own pace. Research!

***Read this article for better guidance until you break the fast.

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