Friday, July 1, 2011

It’s FB’s Pal!

Facebook. It's my first stopover when I go online.

It has been a part of my daily routine, not that I'm always so bouncy excited about the updates. Now and then, I would need to visit it as it has become the means of communication within my organization and two of my other classes. And consistently, it’s just a good stop before jumping into the more serious tasks. 

After checking the following:

üFriend Requests.
ü     üMessages.
ü     üGroup updates.
ü     üNews feeds.

I would open up a new tab [not logging out of Facebook] to check my e-mail. 

The fact is that I'm logged in to Facebook the whole time I visit Mr. Web, but it only takes me a good 30 to 60 minutes a day to actually browse through the site alone.

If you want to stay connected with your friends, then it is the place. The little tales of their everyday lives can be seen on their posts [in the form of text, picture, video, or even links to other online spaces]. Then, enjoy a minute or two of your exchange of comments [others might break in, though].

Facebook [or twitter], as other internet users like me log on to as their first online activity, can bring market to entrepreneurs, organizations, and certainly, the news providers. It is a good ‘traffic referral source’ if utilized well by the news benefactors. It is an excellent platform to develop communities because it reaches different people –the gray area on news websites and blogs.

Detached news websites and blogs struggle in building communities. This is where Facebook is good at. It can be the news websites’ source of news consumers. Thus, they complement each other. All of these media forms are marks of digital evolution and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they cannot co-exist and that one is less relevant than the other. If we would only know how to maximize its functionality to meet our ends, then we can make it a very effective means of relating to people.

Out of aggressive curiosity, I asked random people about their preference on getting news updates: 

Would you prefer getting news updates through facebook [or other social networking sites] rather than getting them through the official news websites?

[Below are the results *ppt screenshot*]

Definitely, these are not precise and reliable results to know people’s stand on this issue; however, the results of my experimentation made me smile. 
Interestingly, we are on the same page.

Kathryn Narciso

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