Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I have been forcing myself to keep track of my expenses countless of times already. One journal keeps on being wasted after another for it only ends up spoiled by my doodles, instead of being a money tracker. Then I decided that my iTouch would best fit the role. I started with Money Journal and iPiggy lite which are now trapped on the device, non-operational. Many thanks to the apple of my eyes, Balance, for keeping my savings safe. For the sake of tracking them, atleast. Although now, I just downloaded Money and Ace Budget Lite. I guess I need to commit myself to only one app, though. So, I have to say goodbye to the one I need to rub out soon after testing. Likewise, don’t get me wrong for I will try not to mess up another journal this time. It’s one of my New Year’s resolutions to keep my inventory updated all the time. 

Source: cwakamo website
Connor Wakamo’s SoftwareBalance  

Source:svtsoftware website
  SVT Software:  Ace Budget Lite    

Source: jumsoft website
     Jumsoft: Money

I almost forgot to mention Receipts which I think will be one of my favorites since I like keeping receipts. You can also attach voice memos to your notes.

Tidal Pool Software: RECEIPTS
Source: tidalpool website
The first step to save the money coming your way is to know where it goes unfeasibly. To budget is to cut. To control is to know. The finest thing you can do is to sing The First Cut is the Deepest while you simplify the equation of your expenses. Don’t bleed yet, the math here would be simple this way: SPEND LESS. 

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