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Once, they were all the same.

I’m not a web design expert to scrutinize the page layout with the header and the sidebar nor whatever that holds my eyes on screen. What the color scheme would be or where to put which, is what I don’t know.  My eyes are seeking for content.

That was my understanding way back when I visit a website or a blog. I don’t care about how it was presented to me. I know yet what I am looking for. So what with the design.

 If I want to find out the details on a current earthquake headline for an instance, I use the magic keywords and browse through the first links google or yahoo shows me. It’s what I chow in to kill time, not something that I feed on myself every day.

 It was all about the content. And I was seeing no difference. It’s just the same news taken in different words. At least, back some eras ago.

Apparently, they are all different.


[For better quality, click here]

I posted the video script somewhere in this blog. 

[For better quality, click here]


Below is the original screenshot of the Quoted News site.

Below is my edited version of the site, the way I would want it to be if I'm the editor. 

Have you noticed the changes?  Here's the detailed wanna-be changes in outline form:

  • The two small pictures beside the slideshow of featured articles were removed. I replaced them with Daily Weather Forecast small widget. 

  • I added an announcement caption (marquee) under the slideshow's caption. This would feature important announcements (e.g. DepED/CHED's declaration of class suspension).If there’s no urgent announcement like this, the schedule of the featured events in "My Calendar" can be displayed.
  • I added "My Calendar" widget below the google search engine. This calendar features the schedule of any events (e.g. Social Watch Assembly). The events that will be posted will be filtered. This will be a good portion for potential advertisers and sponsors. Moreover, this could be one way of promoting the site.
  • I have had the header changed. 'Quoted' and 'news' are maroon in font color. I moved the "sign up and report your news" on top beside the 'subscribe" button.

  • I changed the format of the ads in the Sponsors section in the sidebar. Instead of a collage of ads, I changed it to a slideshow format. So, it would not look cramped in one corner.
  • I added the EDITOR’S PICK section in the second-level of the navigation menu. It's on top of the google search engine. It would feature anything under the sun. It could be a book blog, movie, a restaurant or what not. It can invite potential advertisers and sponsors.

 I was not able to include the following in my version of the site:

  • Replacing the 'Popular Posts' with a more integrated save-spacing widget, 'Read-Rated-Discussed' as that of Telegram’s will make it look better. It would have the same format [picture beside each content tabs] but the integrated format will be adapted.

  • Twitter widget like that of Telegram’s can be added in the remaining space under "Stats" section.

My Humble Recommendations to Editor:

"We, at QuotedNews aspire to be the avenue of much news you desires to hook with: "
 -Little mistakes like this should still be changed. 

"If you want to contribute your own news story please read our guidelines."
-This was included in the "About" page. I think there's no need for this to be included since there's a whole page allotted for the guidelines: "Write for us" section.

"Copyright © 2011 "
-According to Kevin Mudloon, either the symbol or the word should be omitted. It's redundant already. "One must die."

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Kathryn Narciso

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