Friday, June 24, 2011

FALCON: Bringing back the ONDOY alert

“Hindi natin ma-i-ko-compare kay 'Ondoy' ito. Unang una, ‘yung 'Ondoy' nag-landfall no’n," Jesusa said. PAGASA, on the other hand, had announced "Falcon" is unlikely to make landfall as it has started slowing down. –PATERNO ESMAQUEL II, GMA News
Different stories and different faces are being covered by the media today, but the whole Philippines is sharing the same sentiment and apprehension: Will it be the same nightmare Typhoon Ondoy has brought us?

June 23, 2011 [Thursday]  After attending my EDCO 101 class [Introduction to Counseling and Guidance] in the College of Education, I paced the pavement to my next and last class at Palma Hall with my colleague. Wearing beach shorts and white chucks for my bottom get-up, it was quite a struggle treading my way through with the full rainstorm and puddles on the trail. [Not mentioning much about my loaded backpack which was partly drenched]

           “Ang lakas ng ulan, pero di naman ‘to parang Ondoy”, I said.

When I found out that my SPEECH 183 [Audio-Visual Communication] class was cancelled for the day, I hastily made my way to the committee meeting of the organization I am a member of. After which, I went home already.

I safely got home with my hair, bag, and shoes quite soaked. The power of the umbrella relieved me fairly. This reminded me of typhoon Ondoy. I took a moment to thank the Heavens for I was far more comforted than what Ondoy made me experience in the floods stranded and alone.

Unfortunately, my version of yesterday was not the same version others had:

Widespread flooding in Metro Manila on Thursday night stranded tens of thousands of students and workers struggling to go home as they faced knee-high or even higher waters in many neighborhoods. -RSJ/HS, GMA News

Facebook posts [Anonymous]:

“Kwento mo sa basang medyas ko”,

            and in response:  

“Kwento mo sa buma-back flip na payong ko”

For some, it may be worse.

Those who greatly suffered what Ondoy has brought in their lives are still petrified with what Falcon is bringing them today. Some victims of Ondoy have not fully recovered yet. Most of them are still dreading on what 
happened and regretting on what could have been done. It has left them the scars of trauma.

Nonetheless, we can only move forward 
                                   cautious and stronger.

Everyone has their own story of Ondoy. 
Everyone has been warned. 
Everyone will have their own story of Falcon,
    and everyone should continue to be warned.

Quitlong said Falcon is expected to exit Philippine territory by Sunday morning.-RSJ/HS, GMA News

Kathryn Narciso

We have learned our lesson.
Let's pray for everyone’s safety and recovery.

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