Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Daughter’s Call

Photo Courtesy: digitalart

My eyes stung as I wrote down my goodbyes to my much-loved ones. Looking at the black butterfly which arrived home with us on the first night of November, I considered: It must be a sign! I mistook it as a signal for me to pursue the poison my mind can only think of as an escape. No! It’s as good as murdering someone to death, except that the sinner and the victim are one in identity.  When he said that it’s meant that way to give me time to watch over my mother, I was enlightened! Why so sudden? I really don’t know! It felt like God ripped all the confusion away and the dark haze was replaced by much delight and consolation. Much more was the confidence brought to me by the second. What the real message of the black butterfly was to stay home as much as the butterfly gestured to stay home until it died. Crystal clear as it is. Message received! It’s about time to take the side of my mother. God is giving me the chance not to regret not being with her. It’s time to take care of her and show how much I love and respect her. It’s a daughter’s call. 

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