Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So far, I’m not done reading Carl Hiaasen’s Double Whammy, and yet I can’t help myself but to eye on more books on sale. I’m shrinking with all my to-read books and here I am adding more weight to the pile.

Milflores Publishing set up their booth at the CAL basement. Arranged in the long table are the ‘rejects [due to seemingly unnoticed nicks] from the bookstores, i.e. National Book Store and Powerbooks. There are lots of good reads in heaps. With more or less Php200 left in my wallet, I burnt half of it over 3 book delights written by wonderful Filipino authors.

    1.    And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth – Carljoe Javier                                                                                     Originally Php 220, but I bought it at Php 30 ONLY!


       2.)    Brusko Pink Kingkong Barbies & Other Queer Files – Louie Cano
                                    Originally Php 320, but I bought it at Php 40 ONLY!

                3.)    Wala Lang Files [Funny&Serious] on Youthful Being and 
                                                  Nothingness – Bud Tomas
Originally Php 370, but I bought it at Php 45 ONLY!

Good thing I was able to keep ahold of myself, and I stopped at the 3rd book. It’s lunch time and I got less than a hundred to keep myself from starving. Uh-oh! How can I go home?!
(As much as I hate burning my savings for accidental expenses like this, oh yes, I call it ‘accidental’, tsk, I can’t help it!] Oh well, I got another receipt of explaining to tell mom about.

Hush, still…

Tomorrow, I’m coming back  for their last day! [25 August, Thursday]. There are more wonderful reads that I should not miss at such low prices!  See you there! J

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